domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014


The mayor o minor severity of OCD is related to the degree of repression of the subject and the amount of his moral or censorship.
The anguish that fells an obsessive pacient lets to view his relationship with his sexual libido, which would be the inconscious place of the  begin of conflicts that oblígate to him to do symptoms until the impossible.
Conflict is a struggle where their unconscious desires, try to impose on the conscience. Conscience of obsessive usually are the sum of family morality and social morality.
Let's say that when  the  unconscious desires,  show in the conscious, is the voice of the father, mother or social conscience who judge those desires.

The conflict is a conflict of interest, because if it is true that the unconscious of obsessive as any personality does not think, does not judge and does not calculate. From this,  the conscious part of the personality be responsability. The unconscious only wants to manifest in all its expression, although the expression of its desires is always amoral, that is to say, for the unconscious there is no censorship, is energy in its purest form, energy has to be channeled as libido sexual unconscious, it is the energy that moves the person. An example would be crude oil, until it is refined and passed through a series of processes, may not be suitable for use as energy. The unconscious would that crude oil must be refined in order to make use of it. What fails so in obsessive is the mechanism of censorship. Let's say that in the early years of childhood, had an obsessive early sexual discovery that made ​​him tolerant of those who came to wish his conscience. Developing your moral over time is to contain those desires once gave him exquisite pleasure,  so like many obsessives desires are refered to children, to homosexuality, to the father, mother, brothers. All the obsessive thoughts are related to the first stage of human sexual development. What had to be censored or repressed, was postponed and now, there is a moral consciousness acting against the demonstration in awareness of child sexual desires that must be repressed and censored at the time but were not.

Then Obsessive  afraid is your sexual libido. The interest that follows the sexual awakening in him as a child but now as from today and from the moral conscience and what he can not  to take again becouse it was a source of childish pleasure, something forbiden jus right now in his adult life.

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