domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014


I've worked with people suffering depression for twenty years. I thought at first that all depressions were organic and that patients need to take medicine to heal. As time went on, I realized that if the origin of a depression can never be cured is not analyzed. Psychoanalysis therapy for the treatment of depression makes a person with depression for years, to get out of depression in two months by going to therapy three or four times a week. Patients themselves may not believe that their depression is cured. Psychoanalysis has discovered that the origin of depression is unconscious. when a person loses the desire to live, there is always a cause that has produced the loss of desire. Sadness, loss of love for loved ones, produce guilt in the person suffering depression and this closed circle makes the person can not get out. The person suffering from depression knows not want to live but not know "does not want to live." the person feels a part of her strip back and not allowed to live. This means that the unconscious part has caught the ego, the self. The person lives in a deep, dark well but does not know how to get out. man lives in a balance between the life instinct and the death instinct. The life instinct is that instinct which makes us do things in life.
but the death instinct is that instinct which leads us quietly to death. when the balance between the life instinct and the death instinct breaks, depression appears. the person suffering depression is trapped by the death instinct and the instinct for life has lost power and the death instinct now reigns over the person. only knowing the cause that has produced this imbalance, it is possible to restore the lost strength to the life instinct. cure a depression means fighting against the powerful death instinct. how to fight is to know the causes that have produced this imbalance and this is psychoanalysis therapy. (To be continued)

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