domingo, 10 de agosto de 2014


Psychoanalytic therapy is now considered the most advanced therapy to resolve conflicts within the mind.
Absolutely all mental problems are conflicts between the conscious part of the personality and the unconscious part.
The symptoms, discomfort, exhaustion, obsession, sadness, insecurity manifests itself in the ego or consciousness like something estrange  to me just putting in consciousness and that produces significant discomfort that causes what we call the problem or mental disorder.
Psychoanalysis as a therapeutic technique, examines the conflict between the two parts (conscious and unconscious) in order to reach an understanding of what is disrupting the self or consciousness.
In relation with any other therapeutic techniques (behaviorism, psychiatry, etc. ..) psychoanalysis works on the origin of causing distress or disorder,
When the person is able to find the link between your conscious unconscious ailment that has caused his problema, automatically persons fell better, because persona have understood its origin
And why if psychoanalysis is one hundred percent effective, many people do not use it as a technique for curing or healing?
The answer is that  many people who say they are suffering from a mental illness, often false, they have a neurosis income. A neurosis income is whe people  use a “problema” to obtein a benefit. Many depressions, obsesions,  are faults and many are hysterical neurosis obsessive disorder, so that the person who tells of suffering, almost unconsciously or consciously uses it to obtain a pension or exercising dominion over emotional people nearby.

Any disease can become a neurosis income whenever a person would use. And of course, if you give use, so the person does not want to heal. Reason why they do not want to go to psychoanalysis, because the truth is discovered.

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