domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014


We are finding a sympton very common in a lot of pacients, which are suffering of an imbalance emotional becouse the relationship with theirs mother is harmful. The cause is the personality of the mother.

I have defined these kinds of mother as: castrating mother or toxic mother. Im going to try to explain this. What is a castrating/toxic mother? Is a mother which the dependence with his children is anormal, patologic. When i study theses mothers, i can see that mother and child are not two but one. The umbilical cord has not been cuted. And mother can not separe to her child from herself. The repercutions in this relationship are demolition on the personality and life of the cild, becouse the first repercution about him, is the lost of the security in himself. These children must ask theirs mother everything that they want to do, and they never dare to do something without talking theirs mother. These mothers are possesive. They produce in theirs child fixations toward her figure, and these children have serious problems to stablish relationship with other people. Because they are castrasted for the great figure of theirs mothers. We can find even that many homosexual people are produced for the fixation that they have with their mother. I can tell that the mother is for these castrated people, the only love, but in an unconscious way. They dont know that this toxic mother has produced in they a fixation of their sexuality about her. And when as time goes, they end up alone, and suffering to much, becouse the want to have a normal life, but inconscioustly they can not have it, becouse the toxic mother had produced in they an irreparable harm. Only with psichoanalysis therapy is possible to repare this damage and built another life without the inconscious influence of theirs mothers.

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