domingo, 15 de marzo de 2015


Absolutely all the emotional reactions that people have to relate to the early maternal relationship. When we talk about the mother-child relationship, we speak of a binomial that lasts and lasts a lifetime as a symbolic debt. We have said in other articles that the child, for his native immaturity, if someone does not take care of him, he would die. The person who usually avoids the fatal outcome, is the mother figure, hence the desire we all know and love it because we live. These produce a dependency, a union of what it costs to become independent. The early relationship with the mother, both for male and for female is a passive relationship, while the position is received. This position is critical in adulthood without an exercise in a more active position, can lead us to be a "lovers waiting" in the sense of waiting for the things to come to us, instead of us go for them. Sympathetic conception of the assets and liabilities but rather fatalistic as it can lead many people to "go with life." This primitive liability towards the mother, love changes with the appearance of a father figure and siblings. Jealousy makes its havoc on the child and that part of the charm with her breaks, from love, jealousy, hatred or envy. The discovery that the mother has sex with father, ends up annihilating love towards it feels going to hatred, rejection, desire, within the full range of human emotions or feelings. Whenever there is a stormy relationship to the mother, when by the male infant must jealousy analyzed in relation to the figure of the brothers or father. In the case of the girl, besides jealousy, may also be at play jealousy or rivalry towards it when it has identified the mother in love toward his father. Any rivalry, fight, rejection of the woman to her mother, must be analyzed and read from these childish emotions that invade the adult mind and discomfort persist as to the figure of the mother lifetime.

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